Updated my commission journal on dA

This is kind of a copy pasta of the dA journal
My Pixiv is at サーモン, where I post my R18/NSFW things (I don’t find Deviantart very suitable for lewder stuff)
Judge for yourself whether my style is to your liking and see what I can do and cannot do.
SKETCHES: SGD 10 for full body, SGD 5 to 7 for all others
Swordp by GGSalmonMmk1 by GGSalmonNepuuna by GGSalmon

LINEART: the price for the sketches + SGD 3 , I did the sketch before linearting
LINEART + COLOURING : SGD 25 per FULL BODY, S$15 ~ S$20 per half body and others, simple backgrounds
Ops-taiga by GGSalmonOps-yukarifin by GGSalmontaiho schoolswimsuit by GGSalmon
illya NY by GGSalmonKnightp by GGSalmon

FULL BODY with more elaborate background: The price of the (Lineart + colouring) + SGD 20
An Ordinary Day by GGSalmon
Mage-chan by GGSalmon

ROCKING THE BEACH - Kimura Natsuki by GGSalmonBlessings of the Spectrum by GGSalmon

CHARACTER SHEET: SGD 10 per FULL BODY, SGD 7 per HALF BODY, SGD 5 for every facial expression or equipment
Ar2 by GGSalmon
373 by GGSalmon

Commission - Tulah 2nd by GGSalmon

If you’re interested, drop me an email at salmon.commissions@gmail.com or send me a note.
Prices are negotiable

Terms of Service


I would like to be paid in full after our negotiation. If the total is over $100, paying half in advance and the other half after completion is also acceptable.
If you want to pay with points, I’ll also accept, but please convert from the price first.
About reposting and permissions:

I am free to post the commissions on Deviantart, Pixiv and the likes.
If you wanted to post my work just don’t forget to credit, I’m not really sure what’s the policies are for different websites though.
You can modify the piece and use it for personal purposes, as in banners for websites/blogs, journal CSS’s, etc.