Patreon set up

banner for patreon2.jpg

Yeah, I set up a patreon.…
Earning some money doing stuff I loved would be very nice, I guess.
For now, only 2 tiers are opened:
  • $2 per month
    • Patron-exclusive artworks are available to you!
    • Highest resolution .png files (like the max resolution I drew with, usually A4). My potato of a laptop can hardly handle all the ultra absurdres .png files, that’s why I rarely save in .png format.
    • Access to my Google Drive, so you can see all the wips and doodles I dumped inside.
  • $5 per month
    • all the stuff you’ll get by pledging $2 per month including all the .psd and .sai files I created. I’ll also try to annotate the more special ones so that you can learn some useful cheats and shortcuts. (I hope.)
Goals for now are $500, though I really doubt I can reach that any time soon. ;_;
Good stuffs are given if this goal is reached:
I’ll take 5 commissions from 5 lucky patrons I randomly select.

2 thoughts on “Patreon set up

  1. Do you do any jpeg? A lot of pple can download that. Least older ones.. or png is ok too.
    My program lets me save a lot of different kinds.
    My work is more realistic type. But I also like this too.
    I love their eyes. 🙂


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