An Ordinary Day

Copy pasta’d from my dA:
Competition submission for sg extravaganza
>completed too early ;-;
I’ll submit to them nearer to the deadline later LOL
The theme is “An Ordinary Day”
So, yeah, an ordinary day of a cyborg schoolgirl.
The character is mostly inspired after I read up on some disease called the Toxic Shock Syndrome, quite disgusting, and the disease can cause amputations of limbs.
>A cyborg gril with artificial arms and legs
>flying to school with the plasma thrusters on her legs
>lost focus for a while, thrusters get shut off and convert back to legs
>falling from the sky
>typical day
The pose was referenced largely from a frame arms girl figure I bought recently, pretty useful.
The background is also done with Blender 3d program, many thanks to Herminio for his City 3D model, though I still need to simulate a morning sun LOL.
website over here:…
>also waterways instead of roads cause I was thinking by the time people actually figure out how to integrate a thruster into prothetics, global warming would have gone pretty far, so flooding and shit
>actually just too lazy to draw cars  ;-;


Sae WIP gif.gif



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